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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This post will be unbelievingly outdated. Still posting for filler content. Hah.
Went for 2 birthday parties last 2 weeks.

1. Mark Choo's farewell/bday

We got him a freakishly good Tickle Him EmoElmo

Food was gone before I got there, ended up with KFC. No worries I love Hot & Spicy anyway.

Too bad we didn't have the chance to know each other moar.

2. Alan's 21st

Alan's the chocolaty middle guy

Good macaroni and cheese by his mom. Rendang and all that too. Happy being an adult dude!

Happy belated both of you. On this blog anyway.

On other stuff......

ACT practice is intense, good thing I'll be working in the background

The biggest props project EVAR...find out next week

Anyway, Stef and Vijay asked me over to teach them my mom's secret Sheppard's Pie

Some miscalculation means we had to bake the pie twice, each rotation.

Final product, only mistake I made was not enough MEAT!!

Still...happy faces I see...

Yes this post is very rushed...because I'm suppose to get to the cinema now....

Off to the movies me goes

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