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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This post will be unbelievingly outdated. Still posting for filler content. Hah.
Went for 2 birthday parties last 2 weeks.

1. Mark Choo's farewell/bday

We got him a freakishly good Tickle Him EmoElmo

Food was gone before I got there, ended up with KFC. No worries I love Hot & Spicy anyway.

Too bad we didn't have the chance to know each other moar.

2. Alan's 21st

Alan's the chocolaty middle guy

Good macaroni and cheese by his mom. Rendang and all that too. Happy being an adult dude!

Happy belated both of you. On this blog anyway.

On other stuff......

ACT practice is intense, good thing I'll be working in the background

The biggest props project EVAR...find out next week

Anyway, Stef and Vijay asked me over to teach them my mom's secret Sheppard's Pie

Some miscalculation means we had to bake the pie twice, each rotation.

Final product, only mistake I made was not enough MEAT!!

Still...happy faces I see...

Yes this post is very rushed...because I'm suppose to get to the cinema now....

Off to the movies me goes

Kiwen says

Monday, December 03, 2007

"I control, act the humble bee."


Weird analogy, no? He goes on to explain humble bee rhymes with bumble bee.
Sorry lar. I not Snoop Dog la...


Thank Siang and Chuin Liu for the all black t-shirt. Wore it the day after to church. Haha thanks.

Melaka Camp 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Late post! About camp! Last holiday!

Still loved last IF t-shirt the best

Last holiday I attended the my seconded Melaka camp. Another sun, beach and sea camp, my fav.

For this camp, no dorms, no air-cond, no canteen, no hall even. We slept in tents and had meetings under a canopy. Ah~The great outdoors.

Having arrived at campsite in the afternoon, we spent the rest of the day lazying and lepaking.


The guys dug a 4-feet hole...for fun...we thought of dunking someone in but there wasn't time

For the next 2 days, we had sessions and meditated on the Bible and what verses meant.

the morning jog where everyone walked

Lounging at the "hall" after lunch. This was where my mouth worked faster than my brain and...let's not talk about it...

lazy evenings

We had night hunts

treasure hunt at night

Debbie does yoga every morning

clues searching

The committee did a great job but most of us were spent and ended up just sitting somewhere....

they call my camera flashbang

guys pillow a hmm

the last of the sessions

the group pic

Glad I signed up for the camp...learned a couple of stuff, got closer to a couple of people. All good. This camp was one of the most lepak I've been to. Had lot's of spare time..This is my kinda camp haha. Best way to start the holidays.


The pink quiksilvers I got from my sis was STOLEDZ last night at Mark's farewell...T_T RIP Quiks...I'll miss you..

Where do I keep all these pics? On my 160gb hd. Thanks Ay Lai for it.

I'm Modeling

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I've been a fan of robots or mecha anime since I was young. I think I was influenced by Macross or Robotech when I was young and so Macross(not Robotech) remains my favorite. I always wanted my own model and about two weeks ago I was given my own at last. A 1/144 HG Chaos Gundam from Gundam Seed series.
Eddy, my classmate is an avid collector and possesses the tools to make a good model. To keep it simple I'll just show you some pics.

Eddy placed his collection in front of me to inspire me....
The little bits on the ground are the stuff I'm working on.

Chaos wears a Spartan helm!!

Basically the parts come in pieces like..

We need to pry them out, cement them together, put in the joints, sand-paper and then...


Parts with the first undercoat, another layer of the actual colour needs to be sprayed

Even the paints have a special brand

Vijay busy snipping the parts and reading the manual

Despite of all that, I'm only 70% done with it, most probably be completing it the next two weeks. Here's a showcase of...

Eddy's 1/100 NG Astray Red Frame..note the huge ass katana

And his 1/100 NG Gold Frame Amatu Custom that he completed yesterday...shiny

Gundam 00, this year's Gundam series is currently airing. Also modeling means modeling Gundam models, I'm in no way strutting any catwalk :D For more into the intricate world of Gundam modeling, see this Danny Choo post.

All pics this post was taken with a 1.3mp cam from the Nokia 5300. Thanks sis for this gift.